MDDT Texas Contest Entry Instructions

Accessing the Contest Entry Process

The MDDT Contest Entry process uses your email address password which you have used in the past. If you have entered a contest within the past years you should be able to log in. Click here if you need to create a new account. If you need any other assitance, call the MDDT office - (713) 705-9490.

When navigating through the contest entry process, please use the navigation links provided on the page and NOT of the back button on your internet browser. Using the back button may cause a "Page Expired" warning. If this occurs, just refresh the page to view it again.

Establish a Team

  1. Login as Director using the link above
  2. If this is the first time you are logging in you will be redirected to the "Add A Team" page.
  3. If you are returning director, please visit the "Update Team Information" page.
  4. Enter all of the required information and select a class for the Team. for your team (email address, cell phone, asst director, billing contact and select your team class).
  5. For additional directors you can provide their information.
  6. Click the "Add Team" or "Edit Team" button to create or edit the team information and return to the team list.
  7. To enter mutiple teams for more than one classification (ex. Elem, Int, Jr, Sr), click the "Add A Team" link from the team list to create a new team record. Please refrain from using the same team name for all of the teams. Include a class description in the team name.

Enter Teams in a Contest

The instructions below are for entering events

  1. On the team list, click "View Contests" next to the team for which you want to enter events.
  2. The contest list will display all contests in the selected teams class. Make note of the deadline for the contest, as you will not be able to add, edit, or delete entries after this date without contacting Cathy.
  3. Click "Enter Events" next to the desired contest.
  4. The event list will display the current entries for a contest.
  5. Click the appropriate "Enter" link to enter an event for the specified contest.
  6. Be sure to start with the team/officer "Enter Events" section. If you are not doing team or officer events, please put a 'ZERO' in the boxes indicating 'total number of team members' and 'total number of officers.'
  7. Enter all of the required information and click the "submit" button to save the entry. If errors are present, a message will be displayed and you will be able to correct them.
  8. Once submitted you can add other events or return to the event list.
  9. To edit an existing entry click the appropriate button next to the event on the list.


  1. Once you have completed entry of events for a contest, go to the contest list for the contest.
  2. Click the "Official Entry Form" link.
  3. You must click the "Print & Print" button to submit your entry to the office and print your form as an invoice.
  4. Mail the Official Entry Form and payment to the address listed on the form. Be sure it is postmarked on or before the contest deadline!